Ancestor Nakato Lewis’ Final Interview – UBA Radio

Ancestor Nakato Lewis' Final Interview - UBA Radio

On May 14, 2015 Mama Nakato Lewis joined her Husband and the Ancestors. Before she left, she blessed us with words of wisdom in her last interview.

Mama Nakato Lewis and her King Kiwanuka left the United States, moved to Uganda, and formed Black Herbals. She would serve her Ugandan based community as a healer for more than 15 years.

In this episode, she discussed race based medicine, the bioweapons labs off the coast of Liberia and Sierra Leone, how the Western lifestyle has moved to Africa (and is now killing our people), and why she gave up a prestigious job as a scientist and Smithsonian Institute researcher to escape the United States with her husband.

Here Is What You Will Learn

✓ Reasons why Africa has become the newest front in the war for clean water – if you thought the oil wars are bad, wait until water becomes scarce!
✓ The ways that white supremacy is still at work on the African continent, and how they are only getting stronger
✓ Why Whites are buying up huge amounts of land in Africa
✓ How the gay movement of the west is negatively affecting African culture in Uganda
✓ Ways you can make the big move back to Africa, and why you should ASAP

…and, of course, herbs and natural healing methods you can apply to fight even the most severe of illnesses!


Ancestor Nakato Lewis' Final Interview - UBA Radio
Nakato (shown far left) with friends and family.

Nakato created custom-made formulations for people in health crises who do not have access to traditional herbal practitioners, and began the process of linking up with herbal practitioners here in the United States to form international alliances.

It was because of Nakato and her work that we learned of the Eugenics programs secretly taking place on the continent, the forced sterilization of thousands of our East African Sisters, and the ongoing campaign to intoxicate and infect members of our community.

To fight against these weapons of white supremacy, she established the African Traditional Herbal Research Clinic located in Ntinda, Uganda.

Nakato dedicated her life to improving the quality of our lives. Ironically, at her site she posted the following African proverb:

“When a dying woman cries, it is not because of where she is going which she knows nothing about, but because of what she wishes he would have done in the world he is leaving behind”

I have no doubt that because of her monumental accomplishments in this dimension that she smiled as she transitioned into the next.

Rest In Power. Please leave your condolences in the comments section below.

To remember our ancestor, we have sponsored the creation of the Nakato Lewis Memorial Award. The medal will be awarded annually on her Born Day (April 3) to practitioners of natural healing who have demonstrated exceptional service to members of the African Diaspora.

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Listen to the episode below

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how can i get the information you referenced (her healing clinic) to access resources?


Yes I would like that information.


wow this needs to be heard by everyone.