The Pan-African Art of War

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The Pan-African Art of WarPin

Never underestimate the lengths that your enemy will go to ensure your destruction.

In this remastered podcast episode of United Black America Radio we bring back a lost episode from the earliest days of our podcast.

If you are new here or have never heard this episode, you get a rare opportunity to travel back in time to the very beginning.

Here Is What You Will Learn

  • The link between birth control pushed on the Black community and the Nazi movement
  • Why you should be paying attention to white supremacist forums
  • How the weapons of white supremacy work in tandem
  • The three factors that contribute to African cultural identity

…and the principles of the Pan-African art of war!

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

The best ways to learn Swahili – the official language of the Pan-African Alliance (click here to open link in new tab)

And here are the books mentioned in this episode…

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