Listen Up! The Top 10 Podcasts For Black Entrepreneurs

Listen Up! The Top 10 Podcasts For Black Entrepreneurs

Black business owners face unique challenges that other groups might not understand. So its important that you learn from entrepreneurs just like you who have achieved the same results that you are working toward.

Podcasts are one of the best ways to do that. You can listen and learn while you commute or work out, and you get “edutainment” straight from those who have succeeded.

So to give great Black business podcasters some exposure, here is a short list of shows you should check out. Subscribe to as many as you can, listen on the daily, and take action to grow your Black business.


The 10 Best Podcasts for Black Entrepreneurs We Have Heard So Far

The Cash Flow Diary Podcast – J. Massey is a landlord, lender, consultant, educator and highly sought mentor. He currently owns hundreds of units of properties and is the author of Cash Flow Diary: 10 Steps to Creating Wealth in Any Economy. J. is a winner who knows what he is talking about! He has held positions in insurance and financial planning as a licensed representative with the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the California Dept of Insurance (CDI), and a Registered Investment Advisor Representative (RIAR). With more than 400 podcasts on every business topic you can imagine, this podcast will keep you satisfied for months.

Better than Success Podcast – Nicole Purvy will take your business to a whole new level with podcast episodes like How to Acquire, Dispose or Partner with Any Small Business (Ep #52) and interviews with some of the most successful Black entrepreneurs on the planet.

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint – No B.S. step by step instructions on how to launch, build, and grow your business from an entrepreneur that has actually done it.

Trailblazers.FM – stories of successful black business professionals, entrepreneurs and thought leaders, along with the knowledge, resources and tools of that they all use.

Behind the Brilliance – Lisa Nicole Bell has consistently dropped a podcast every week since April 2014! She has had a successful film career, and introduces you to the insiders in the industry along with experienced Black entrepreneurs. The depth of her knowledge is immediately evident – just give it a listen!Lisa has one of the better podcasts for black entrepreneurs.


Conscious Black Business Network – Unlike most of the podcasts on this list, the goal of the Conscious Black Business Network podcast is to serve as a vehicle to empower Black People by carrying on the mantle of those such as the Honorable Marcus Garvey, Harriet Tubman, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Minister Malcolm X, Dr. Yosef Ben Johanna, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Dr. Amos Wilson, Preston Winkler, and the many more ancestors who have lived their life for the advancement of Black People!


Mattie James’ Mattieology Podcast- Another prolific podcaster, Mattie James is an Atlanta style blogger who has worked with H&M, Cotton, Club Monaco, American Express, Macy’s & more. She combines her experiences with business to bring a flavor to podcasting that is as unique as she is!

Smart Brown Voices – One of the few in depth podcasts on marketing that feature all people of color. #SmartBrownVoices is an on-going interview series that features diverse voices from Black and Latino Startup Founders, Entrepreneurs, Activist, Marketers and Creatives that really know their stuff

Of 10 Podcast – Classana co-founder and CEO Will Lucas brings a tech slant to business podcasting guests who have built solid tech businesses or have gotten venture capital funding for their ideas. The guests he bring on who are not specifically tech pros are still very high value (like the Director at Magic Johnson Enterprises who helps Magic make his investment decisions).

Branding for Believers – This isnt a podcast, it is a podclass! After 12 years of being a college professor, Dr. Shante is a college professor by day and records her podcast in front of a live audience by night! If you’re ready to transform your fear into the faith you need to fuel your dreams, tune in

The World Needs More Podcasts For Black Entrepreneurs

Want to start your own podcast? The good news is that its easier than ever! All you need is a good budget microphone and a little knowledge. If you want to learn everything you need to know in one sitting, here is the course I took that led me to creating the best Black podcast on itunes way back in 2015.

Course for Black Podcasters

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