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[Podcast] American Politricks and the End of Prisons

[Podcast] American Politricks and the End of Prisons

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With only 2 weeks to the election of the next President of the United States, Asad Malik breaks down how either choice remains a vote for a system of white supremacy. We also feature some thoughts on the state and the importance of our music, we imagine a future where prisons don’t exist, and we build with the Royally Melanated team on how they launched their line of Black children’s books!

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In This Show You Will Discover…

  • Why REAL Black men and women CANT stand behind Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, and what we should be doing instead
  • Why prisons must become obsolete, according to Angela Davis
  • How the 13th Amendment allows slavery to persist
  • How the Royally Melanated team successfully launched a line of Black children’s books

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