Real Black Power [The Jewels Podcast]

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I appreciate this organization for promoting business ownership. The constant reports of Black communities disproportionately being affected by disasters, low employment, lack of healthcare, home ownership, single-parent households (like DeMara mentioned) all stems from economics. It’s rooted in a misunderstanding of how to exercise our version of racism in our favor. For example, I travel 20 minutes out of my way to shop at Mandela Grocery store on the other side of town. I have an Asian coworker who proudly admits she travels nearly 50 miles to service her car because the mechanic is Asian. Both of us do not… Read more »

DeMara Winstead

Hello, some things that concerns me is the destruction of our families and increased numbers of single parents. Also the structure of the school systems for our melinated children. I definitely appreciate the Kamali Academy and other systems in place.