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This Episode’s Focus

The road to becoming your highest self will be filled with resistance. Do you have what it takes to endure? Tap in to this episode.






About The Jewels Podcasts

The Jewels are all the advice I wish I had known before I came into this community. So after 20 years of community organizing, entrepreneurship, and learning at the feet of Master Teachers, I produced this series of short podcasts specifically to help you:

  • master your emotions and learn to lead yourself
  • achieve faster results in your life by avoiding unseen traps, and
  • protect yourself from the weapons of white supremacy and self-destruction.

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  1. YES! I went through that deeply about 2 years ago and I didn’t understand what was going on until my mom (peace be unto her) came to me and showed me it was none other that I blocking my own way and no one else. But once I understood that I took it as a challenge, as I had learned to do with basically everything because there was only me to challenge me, all “friends” were terminated, almost like recycling it/using those energies to bump me a little higher.
    I told you I’ve been on this path solo from the beginning (five years so far) so Spiritual Guides and countless Ancestors have helped me get to the point that I am now. I use to beat myself up (Turbulent) not even knowing all I had to do is get out of my own way. If I see this now it only let’s me know whatever I’m aiming for is aligning with my purpose because otherwise why would it matter? So I look myself in the eye and sing, “hello darkness my old friend” and smirk

  2. I am so grateful for this podcast! I listen to it several times throughout my day. Definitely my current status in many areas of my life. However, this podcast assists me in moving forward and getting things done!