Revolution is the Solution – The Middle Passage Podcast Ep. 1

This is the very first episode of the Middle Passage Podcast – a new project from the Pan African Alliance that breathes life into the teachings. We want to take the lessons of our Ancestors and apply them to our lives here in 2021 and beyond. And as a supporter, you get first listen! 

In this episode we dive deep into:

–  How DNA tests can help you develop knowledge of self (click here for the test we recommend)
Why Atlanta is a mirage and disappoints many people looking for a Black Mecca
– The difference between the Black Conscious community and the mentacide of the masses

About Us

The Middle Passage Podcast is for liberated Black minds in  search of elevated discussions on Black Consciousness, Pan Africanism, and activism. Hosted by Atlanta based Educator King Izuchukwu and the Founder of the Pan African Alliance Asad Malik