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This Episode’s Focus

First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they go to war with you. Then you win. Tap in to this episode.






About The Jewels Podcasts

The Jewels are all the advice I wish I had known before I came into this community. So after 20 years of community organizing, entrepreneurship, and learning at the feet of Master Teachers, I produced this series of short podcasts specifically to help you:

  • master your emotions and learn to lead yourself
  • achieve faster results in your life by avoiding unseen traps, and
  • protect yourself from the weapons of white supremacy and self-destruction.

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  1. “The military didn’t make me militant. I was militant before I joined the military. I joined the military because I was militant.” – Asad Malik

    I quote that text for its strong hidden impression. My simple understanding of it is that militarism had been born in you and you were chasing your dreams.

    It makes a difference from those who do things that are not in line with their dreams, purpose and aspirations; in most cases falling into the bandwagon trap.