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Submit Your Content - Bakery Builder

Black Creators have a voice. And now its time for us to be heard.

When you publish your podcast, your videos, and your articles on our site, we promote you to our audience of more than 100,000 followers and subscribers.

You keep the byline, the SEO benefits, and 100% of earnings you generate.

How The Process Works

Submit Your Content - Bakery Builder

Create It

You only get one chance to make a good first impression so create something unique and detailed for your first post.

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Submit It

After you submit your content, we will spell check it, review it, add images, and/or format it to fit our site.

Submit Your Content - Bakery Builder

Promote It

When your content goes live we promote it to our audience and you do the same to get your numbers up fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to get published and grow your audience with the Pan African Alliance.

Before you submit, take some time to look through material we have already published to make sure that your content and subjects line up with ours! Click here to see our most popular.

If you think our people need to read it, submit it! Here is a list of the most popular topics on our site in no particular order:

★ Black Relationships
★ Black Sex
★ Black Parenting
★ Black Financial Management
★ Conscious Music, including Rap and Hip Hop
★ Black Business, Entrepreneurship, and Group Economics
★ African Religions
★ The African Origins of Christianity
★ Diet, Health, Exercise, and Natural Healing
★ Metaphysics
★ African History
★ Afro-Futurism
★ Black Organizations (UNIA, Nation of Islam, etc)
★ Black Manhood and Womanhood

It takes traffic to make money online. And we have traffic. Since 2013 we have built a loyal audience of more than 100k subscribers, Twitter followers, and Facebook community members. That traffic has generated more than 48k link clicks with an average conversion rate of 11% this year alone. When you give our visitors great content, they support you with likes, tweets, and orders.

If you are new to content creation, you can learn the basics by joining our Black Content Creators Group (click here to open link in new tab). If you are experienced, here is how we put money in your pocket:

Making $ from the articles you submit to us

  1. Add your Google Adsense code to your article  – You keep 100% of the income generated from these links.
  2. Add affiliate links to your article – You keep 100% of the income generated from these links.
  3. Include links to your products or services – Dont be spammy. People can tell if you are just writing to push a product.

Easy, right? Click here to start. 

Making $ from the videos you submit to us

Use the same strategies that you use on Youtube. Suggest links in your video and place those links in the description box on our submit form below. We do not use in-video ads…yet. Click here to start. 

Making $ from the podcasts you submit to us

If you want to include ads in your podcast, we will leave them in there. You can also suggest links in your episode and include them in the description box on our submit form below. Click here to start. 

Simple answer is no. Your work belongs to you. In fact, your name, face, and links back to your website will be included in every article. This is what we call a byline. At no time will we take any credit for anything you have created on our behalf. That is because our mission is to create a platform for Black creatives – not to steal from Black creatives!

Black Creators and Creatives have not had a voice for a very long time – if ever. And they deserve a space where they can speak and create without judgment or bias. That is what this space is for. And for us to have plenty of space for our Creators of color, we are not accepting material from non Black creators at this time.

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