Are You A Survivor or a Fighter?

Image by Mark Rivett-Carnac

What is the difference between minority groups that immigrate to North America with nothing and succeed, and the Blacks that have lived there (for the most part) since slavery who live in abject poverty and ignorance? What is the difference between the programs of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, and the social welfare programs like SNAP that many Black Americans rely on? What is the difference between struggling to pay the bills, and having abundance?

The differences are that one group is willing to fight, while the other group focuses on survival. One set of programs are designed to fight the power with alternatives, while the other set is determined to keep the people dependent on those in power. One individual gives permission to a boss to control their financial destiny and their time, the other creates their own financial destiny and schedule.

There are distinct differences between a fighter and a survivor, as it pertains to Black Consciousness:

A Survivor accepts whatever situation they find themselves in.

A Fighter works to create his own situation.

A Survivor is subject to the winds of fate.

A Fighter knows there is no fate but what we make.

A Survivor complains about the conditions of Blacks in someone else’s homeland.

A Fighter creates his own conditions in his own homeland.

A Survivor is all talk and theory.

A Fighter is all action and practice.

A Survivor turns the other cheek.

A Fighter takes an eye for an eye.

A Survivor protests problems.

A Fighter solves problems.

A Survivor mourns the death of Trayvon Martin.

A Fighter brings down the system that made a Zimmerman possible.

A Survivor says “I don’t know how we are going to make this happen”.

A Fighter says “I will find out, by any means necessary”.

A Survivor gives up at the first sign of difficulty, hardship, or lack of sleep.

A Fighter will fight through every obstacle until victory is won.

We have been so busy “surviving” the hells of North America and white supremacy that we have forgotten how to fight. For the true warrior of Black Consciousness, it is not enough to simply make the statement ‘I believe’, but rather the affirmation ‘I fight’!

Any organization that advocates anything other than a do for self philosophy is an organization that will mislead you.

All the nations of the Earth have risen up against you. Will you survive, or will you fight?

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