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The 3 Deadly Venoms of the Black Diet

A nation can only be as strong as the people in it. Despite being genetically superior to all other races, the African Diaspora has fallen victim to cancer, disease, and preventable illness at rates exponentially higher than any other group.

The 3 Deadly Venoms of the Black Diet

Some of these illnesses are caused by the weapons of white supremacy.

We know that infection – exposure to disease – and intoxication – the voluntary (or involuntary) consumption of harmful substances – have been used as weapons from the beginning of time. And while these weapons can be attributed to the fall of many indigenous civilizations, the Black community is in a position to avoid falling into the same traps that ensnared our Ancestors.

It is time for liberation through purification.


We must liberate and purify our physical temples from bad consumption habits introduced to us by poisonous western society.

Specifically, there are “3 Deadly Venoms” that threaten your bodily temple, our community, and our movement.

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Great article. I needed to read this. Been feeling sluggish and sick taking all of these prescription medications…