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The 3 Deadly Venoms of the Black Diet

Processed and Fast Food

KFC uses genetically modified chickens that are born without beaks, or with multiple legs, and that are pumped full of hormones to get bigger pieces of meat. Some people say that these hormones are the reason why so many children are reaching puberty so much earlier than they have in the past.

McDonald’s uses ammonia-treated “pink slime” to avoid using real beef.

All of the so-called “veggies” in fast food restaurants have been grown from genetically modified seeds, sprayed down with chemicals, and altered to retain their color and texture.

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Fast food is toxic, high in carbohydrates and fat – not to mention that its dead, unnatural, and unfit for human consumption! A healthy mind can only exist within a healthy body. And a healthy body can only function when given natural, living, whole foods.

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Great article. I needed to read this. Been feeling sluggish and sick taking all of these prescription medications…