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This Episode’s Focus

Just because someone has the answer doesnt mean they have YOUR answers. This episode explores how to find the truth from within yourself.






About The Jewels Podcasts

The Jewels are all the advice I wish I had known before I came into this community. So after 20 years of community organizing, entrepreneurship, and learning at the feet of Master Teachers, I produced this series of short podcasts specifically to help you:

  • master your emotions and learn to lead yourself
  • achieve faster results in your life by avoiding unseen traps, and
  • protect yourself from the weapons of white supremacy and self-destruction.

If you enjoy topics like this and want to hear more let me and our team know in the comments below.


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  1. Okay, very emotional ending. Needed to hear this one in more than one way. I said I was going to give up on the Movement today, and here is the message to keep going, don’t give up on your dreams/visions. But now I know why I haven’t been flowing as freely as I know I can. Still tolling over the NIA. I know why I’m here/my purpose, but to phrase it,. I’m having trouble with. I feel empowered to pick myself up and continue the work. Grateful for you brother. So very grateful…