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The 5 Black Owned Brands That Make The Best Lotion For Black Skin

We found the Best Lotion for Black Skin made by Black Owned Brands

For this month’s Replace and Rebuild Challenge, we went in search of the best lotion for Black skin.

If you have been using the same lotion for years then what better way to support Black entrepreneurship than by changing to a Black owned brand.

But before we get into the products, it is important for all of us to remember why we should support Black businesses – especially given today’s challenging economic environment.


If you are already aware, use the table of contents below to jump down to your product of choice. 

Why Buy Black?

Fraud has been a weapon against people of color by those in power for centuries. White supremacists, neocolonialists, and corrupt regimes exploited Black labor during slavery and colonialism, underpaid Black workers throughout the 20th century, and charged Black consumers more for goods and services. And real estate – one of the biggest wealth drivers – was redlined in Black communities.

While we continue to advocate for national solutions like reparations and sovereignty, you can also have a big impact on the Black economy by participating in our Replace and Rebuild Challenge.

We know that in addition to real estate, entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to build wealth. 

More than half of the richest 1 percent of US households are entrepreneurs. One influential study of the US found that while entrepreneurs comprised 7.6 percent of the population in 1989, they owned 33 percent of total wealth, and that 81 percent of those in the top 1 percent of wealth distribution were entrepreneurs. – UNU- Wider


If we want to create generational wealth and rebuild our communities, we need to start and support Black owned businesses. 

That is where the Replace and Rebuild Challenge comes in. Here is a 2 minute video that explains more. 

So again, this month we challenge you to replace your expensive and dangerous store-bought brand with a lotion made by a Black owned company. 

By simply replacing the products you use with Black brands you are building a better future for yourself and your people. And if you are not Black you can still support these brands as a way to show real, tangible solidarity.

The Best Unscented Lotion For Black Skin

If your deodorant has one scent profile and your soap has another, you may want to avoid a scented lotion.

That is because all of the different products you use could clash into a funky mix of mismatched scents.

Using an unscented lotion gives you the flexibility to use other scent profiles and still take care of your skin. 

And if that is not a good enough reason to go unscented, consider the fact that many store bought brands use a substance called styrene.

Styrene is a chemical that is used to produce a wide variety of everyday products – including scented lotions, body washes, and lip glosses. Styrene produced findings in the medical field detailed in an article titled  Expert Panel Confirms that Fragrance Ingredient Can Cause Cancer

You can avoid styrene and other commercial products by switching to unscented brands that only use natural ingredients.

That is why we chose a product from one of our favorite brands: Garners Garden.

Is Garners Garden Black Owned?

Garners Garden was created by Philip Garner who became the first African American entrepreneur to manufacture and produce his own line of toothpaste and antibacterial mouthwash.  

When Philip transitioned to a plant based lifestyle in 2011, he was inspired to “heal the world” through a line of products that are sustainably produced from all natural ingredients. So in 2012 he launched Garners Garden at local events around his Washington, DC home. 

Since then the company has become one of the most successful Black owned brands in the consumer goods space, and Philip himself has been featured in Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, and across local media outlets.


Where To Buy Garners Garden Unscented Body Butter

We chose Garners Garden Unscented Body Butter as the winner for this category for a few reasons:

✓ Cheap shipping – Just $5 flat for orders over $20 and free for orders over $55. They ship via USPS so all orders come with tracking numbers. We found on average it takes about 5 days from your order date to get your body butter.

✓ All Natural Ingredients – Made with beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, and sustainably sourced palm oil.

✓ Texture – As soon as we saw beeswax we figured the body butter would be sticky or greasy, but not at all. Garners Garden body butter is thick, but it also absorbs into the skin quickly. And unlike other watery brands this body butter keeps your skin feeling moisturized all day long.

More than 500 bottles have been sold with all 5-star reviews. Try it yourself by clicking here or use the link above.

The Best Lotion For Dry Black Skin

No one likes the look or the feel of ashy, tight, dry skin. This condition can come from one of the three culprits below:

✓ Climate – Dry climates can suck the moisture right out of your skin.

Work – If you work with harsh chemicals or you are constantly washing your hands, you could end up with peeling cuticles and ashy creases between your fingers.

Soap – Harsh soaps can wash away the oils that your skin produces naturally. Yet another reason you should switch to a natural soap in addition to a naturally produced lotion. 

We found Dry & Eczema Prone Skin Moisture-Locking Body Lotion from Urban Hydration to be the best solution for all three of the problems above.

Here is more about Urban Hydration.

Is Urban Hydration Black Owned?

Urban Hydration is owned and operated by Psyche & Vontoba Terry.

According to their website, the Terry’s were inspired to share their love for clean beauty after introducing their home made collection to friends, family, and their own children. 

Today, the company is a member of the National Minority Supplier Development Council and has been featured in Martha Stewart Living Online and NY Magazine. 

And in 2015 celebrity baseball player Torii Hunter and his wife Katrina Hunter joined the Urban Hydration team as  investors. 

Today, you can find millions of Urban Hydration products sold in more than 10,000 stores including CVS and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Where To Buy Dry & Eczema Prone Skin Moisture-Locking Body Lotion

We have featured Urban Hydration before and were amazed at how affordable and effective their products were.

So when we looked for a product we could trust in this category Urban Hydration was top of mind. 

Urban Hydration offers overnight, expedited, and standard shipping via USPS to most countries. All orders are shipped in Earth friendly packaging with tracking numbers. 

And like most brands on this list, Urban Hydration uses all natural ingredients to make their products.

You can see everything that goes into their Dry & Eczema Prone Skin Moisture-Locking Body Lotion by clicking here or using the link above. 

The Best Lotion For Black Men

We divided the products by gender because let’s be real – men don’t want to smell like women and vice versa.

Since men avoid perfumed lotions and prefer unscented or woody scents, our pick for the best men’s lotion is Bevel’s All-Day Moisture Body Lotion.

Is Bevel Black Owned?

Bevel was created by Tristan Walker because – as he told Digiday (and Forbes and AllthingsD) –  “the second-class-citizen experience needs to go.” Tristan worked for Twitter and Foursquare where he was responsible for bringing the company thousands of new clients. Eventually, he left ‘the plantation’ (our words) to start Bevel. 

At the age of 29, Mr. Walker was able to raise more than $2 million in funding from rapper Nas and other investors. He used those funds to hire a 7 person team seven, and spent nearly a year conducting research and development.

The result was a line of products for Black men that include priming oils, shaving creams, restoring balms and of course Bevel’s All-Day Moisture Body Lotion for Black men.

The brand’s parent company was acquired by Procter & Gamble in 2018 and has since expanded into skincare, body care and hair care, found online and on the shelves of Target, CVS, Walmart and Sally Beauty. 

Click here to visit the Bevel home page.

Where To Buy Bevel’s Body Lotion For Black men

Bevel is well known and well respected in Black buying circles for its quality, effectiveness, and price… but that doesn’t mean there are not a few concerns.

First off, Bevel was acquired by a white conglomerate and it is unclear if Tristan Walker remains in charge and in a position of ownership.

And while the list of ingredients prominently feature natural elements like vitamin E, shea, and argan oil, the rest of the ingredients on the list are suspect. Look over the list by clicking here to make an informed buying decision.

Despite our questions about ownership and ingredients, Bevel remains our top pick for men. The lotion has a very mild smoky nutty scent from the shea butter used, and the texture is perfect for active men who sweat.

Click here to get $10 your first order.

The Best Lotion For Black Women

The differences between men and women don’t stop at gender. Women have more specific skincare needs because women typically have thinner skin that is more sensitive to environmental factors (Source).

The only product that we found that checks all of our boxes is Rosehip Body Lotion from Urban Hydration. Rosehip oil has some well researched benefits for maintaining healthy skin. Here is what rosehip oil can do for you:

  • It hydrates.
  • It moisturizes.
  • It helps exfoliate and brightens skin.
  • It helps boost collagen formation.
  • It helps reduce inflammation.
  • It helps protect against sun damage,
  • And It helps reduce hyperpigmentation and scars.

How does rosehip oil smell? Not like roses!

Some members of our review team described the smell as herbal (think dry grass or hay) and compared it to a tea or a cider. When we tried it the smell was faint and did not interfere with scents coming from soap or detergent.

We have already mentioned that Urban Hydration is owned by the Terry Family, and is a certified Black owned business. We also mentioned their professional shipping practices and commitment to natural ingredients above as well. So all that is left is for you to see for yourself!

Where to buy Rosehip Body Lotion For Women

We suggest purchasing directly from the brand whenever possible. That way more of the earnings go into Black pockets and circulate more dollars within our community.

Click here to get a bottle of their Rosehip body lotion.

The Overall Best Body Lotion For Black Skin

When thinking about the overall best lotion for Black skin, we considered the following factors:

✓ Unisex scent – There are many unisex brands on store shelves. We wanted to find one that was Black owned.

✓ Size – If you are going to be using lotion on your entire body, you want a nice sized bottle. We only looked at products in bottles bigger than 10 ounces, and

✓ Affordability – We wanted the best product for our money so we only looked at products that cost less than $1 per fluid ounce.

When we looked at the criteria above only one winner remained – Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter Lotion.

Is Nubian Heritage Black Owned?

Nubian Heritage was founded by Richelieu Dennis, Nyema Tubman and Mary Dennis back in 1992. The trio set out to bring the healing traditions of African black soap and shea butter to the community they loved.

Their products were made by hand and to this day contain only natural ingredients. Their Raw Shea Butter Lotion goes even further by ensuring its most important ingredients are certified organic.

As a bonus the company sourced its formulations from ancient African products and traditions. We feel like this gives the brand more authenticity than some of the others on this list.

Today you can find Nubian Heritage products at Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, Wegmans, Sprouts, Pharmaca and independent health food stores.

Where to buy Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter Lotion

Nubian Heritage uses Amazon to ship its products. That means if you are an Amazon Prime member you get free shipping. We ordered our Nubian Heritage products using Amazon Prime and it took about 2 days to arrive.

As an added bonus, the company uses Amazon’s return system, so if you are not happy you can easily send your product back and get a refund within the same day.

We can’t be happier using Nubian Heritage every day and we think you will feel the same way. Use the link below or click here to try Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter Lotion.

When you support any of the Black owned businesses above you are helping to keep them alive. So keep the Black dollar in the Black community and take care of yourself in the process.

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