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Water You No Get Enemy! The Best Water to Drink Now

Water You No Get Enemy! The Best Water to Drink Now

We are living in a time when our planet is severely polluted. From the air we breathe, to the food we eat and the water we drink. The toxicity levels are rising in our environment. Inside the body as well as outside of it. With this awareness of the pollution. Comes a need of combating and restoring equilibrium to our planet and to our human bodies.

Fela Kuti sang the now famous song, Water You No Get Enemy where he explained how critical water is to everyday life. It nurtures, sustains and calms. Forceful and strong with immense power. Water gives life to its surroundings. It influences our environment. It surrounds all of the cells of our body. We understand that the nature of water is profound, but here are some other important facts to consider about drinkable water:

  • The human body is mostly made up of water.
  • You can completely replace the water in your body in two days.
  • “You change the water in your body – you change your blood. The water you drink, within a few minutes, becomes your blood. You want clean pure blood and not tap water blood.”
  • The best water is found in the springs (spring water) – and stored in glass containers.
  • Spring water has been underground for long periods of time, sometimes thousands of years. Spring water is stored in underground lakes also called aquifers.

Unlike good quality drinking water, tap water is filled with contaminants like fluoride, chlorine, copper, and estrogen that can’t be purified by water purification plants. Studies have shown that there are over 50 pharmaceuticals are found in most metropolitan centers’ tap water. Some of those contaminants are added, others come from the pipes that transport water to your faucet, and some even come from organisms living in the pipes.

The Hidden Intelligence of Living Water

It is worth pointing out, that because tap water is processed, it is no longer “alive”. We know that water in its unprocessed form is both alive and intelligent.  In his book, The Hidden Messages in Water, experiments conducted by Japanese Researcher Masaru Emoto found that water atoms arrange themselves in formations at certain frequencies. He demonstrated that both written and spoken words and music dramatically changed the crystalline structure of water when seen under a microscope.

 photo emoto_watercrystals.jpg

Our esteemed Ancestor Dr. Mona Harrison, a Black Woman who was a researcher at Johns Hopkins University and former Director of the World Water Council left us important teachings on the molecular structure of water and its bio-availability to the human body. In short, she taught us that all water is not created equally.

Dr. Harrison gave three important lectures titled Sacred Water, The water your drinking is killing you,  and Transform your DNA with Water. In it, she teaches us the following:

  • Ideally our body should be 80% water and our brain 90%.
  • A typical man of 70 years old has between half or a quarter of the water in his body left. Compared to what he had in his youth. So the question becomes “Do we age or do we just dry up?”
  • Drinking any water will help eliminate disease, but bio-available water will help even more. It will go straight into the brain, where it is needed most.

Living water transports oxygen into your cells:

  • Most of the oxygen we breathe comes from plants in the sea. But the ocean plants have turned into a desert. The 30% oxygen content of air that we should be breathing is now down to 18%. At 14% we all go into coma. Living water has a higher oxygen content and can bring additional, urgently needed oxygen into your body.
  • In addition, deuterium sulphate (‘Hydrogen Plus’) can be added to the drinking water. It increases the amount of good oxygen released to the system (not free radicals). It is used as drops in drinking water (also called liquid oxygen). The lungs and oxygenation capability of the body becomes better. Good oxygen (nascent oxygen) gets released, bad oxygen (free radicals) gets tied up.

Healing power of bio-available water:

  • “Bio-available water – doesn’t only go through you but gives something back to the cells. It allows for the cells to start healing themselves.”
  • 98% of our brain tissue is turned off. We have fast moving brains but they need ‘jet fuel’ bio-available water to function properly.
  • Uniquely bio-available water consists of small clusters.  5-7 molecules per cluster whereas tap water is typically 13-15 molecules per cluster. The smaller the clusters are, the easier it is for the water to enter the brain and into the cells. Bigger clusters can’t cross the blood-brain barrier. Only the smaller clusters of water molecules can and in so doing deliver oxygen into the cells.
  • Babies and children with so-called ‘ADD’ have fast-moving brains. They are our geniuses, but they need jet fuel for their brains. Their brains are full of iridium and rhodium, which are superconducting minerals (plants that contain these minerals are: carrots, blue-green algae, grape juice, Mexican yam, other yams, Tahitian noni juice, aloe vera, shark cartilage, essiac tea). These minerals are good for a fast-moving brain.

Physical properties of healing water:

  • pH should be alkaline, 7 or above.
  • ‘Oxidation Reduction Potential’ (ORP) should be -200 or more for healing, e.g. -500 produces faster healing.
  • Electrolysis machines make water between -200 to -500 ORP.

Not recommended water treatment methods:

  • Reverse osmosis takes too much out of the water and it becomes ‘dead water’, it cannot give anything back to the cells.
  • When you boil your water, many of the toxins become more concentrated.

Improving your water quality by putting electrolytes into the water mechanically or naturally:

  • Electrolysis changes your tap water into what would be equivalent to vegetable juice (in water quality). With an electrolysis machine it is important to use platinum and titanium plates (not stainless steel).
  • The body is loaded with electrolysis membranes like the brain and other tissue. There is similarity of the electrolysis membranes and the process the electrolysis machine takes to charge the water.

You can add natural electrolytes which means electrically charged minerals into water by squeezing a lemon in the water – this makes naturally ‘charged water‘. Another word for charging water is ‘structuring water‘.

Living water can help with addictions:

  • Dr. Mona Harrison worked with long-term heroin, cocaine and alcohol addicts at Johns Hopkins University and found that they generally did not want to drink water. But when she did get them to drink good quality water, she saw good results in reducing addictions.
  • Dr. Harrison used something she called ‘red water’ with people who were addicted to different substances. In the case of one smoker, within 45 days his taste for cigarettes was gone. Unfortunately the information on what red water is seems to not be easily available.
  • Why do people feel so good when taking drugs? Because they are replacing the hormones that are missing in their brain which is out of balance. Bio-available water will help restore the hormone balance. Reducing the desire for the drugs and other addictive substances.

Energetic frequencies in living spring water:

  • There are frequencies in the water, which affect our endocrine system, and thus hormone (‘harmony’) balance. High frequency water is jet fuel for fast-moving brains.
  • All of the bio-available waters cause the pineal gland to open up and vibrate.
  • “We’re giving back to the brain the things it needs to allow it to function appropriately.  We’re building back the neural hormones to the brain, and thus, the mental health picture improves.

Electrical properties in living spring water:

  • Dr. Cary Reams’ research showed that lemon has a negative electron spin, which helps make our system more electric.
  • Lemon has negatively charged hydrogen (negative ions) in it, which are abundant in the liver of a child but reduce with age. Lemon will help to restore that, which, in turn, will help the liver in its job of sending all the minerals and vitamins where they need to go in the body.
  • If you don’t have enough negatively charged hydrogen in your body, you lose more of them from your DNA coil, which causes you to age.
  • Willard water which is catalyst altered water, food-grade hydrogen peroxide and lemon water add negatively charged hydrogen to the liver allowing it to perform better.

Living spring water is effective against stubborn viruses:

  • E-coli bacteria is in the pancreas of adult-onset diabetics which antibiotics aren’t working against.
  • Bio-available water will get rid of the e-coli and viruses in the pancreas.
  • Plus Bio-available water causes organisms and viruses, which are resistant to antibiotics, to leave the system. It doesn’t attack good bacteria. Once an organism living in us begins to produce a toxin, the bio-available water is able to recognize it and attack it.

Alkaline living spring water is essential for mineral absorption:

  • 7.0 pH is the neutral point, you want to have the water slightly above this state (alkaline).
  • Being too acid and too alkaline can be a problem.
  • pH of urine and saliva should be 6.4pH, at this level we absorb all minerals. As we move away from this level, we start being unable to absorb some of the minerals.
  • No egg or sperm will develop unless you have sufficient quantities of manganese in the body. If you’re too acidic, you can’t produce manganese.
  • If enough minerals can’t get to a specific organ, tumors will develop.

Dr. Harrison had great results when she gave her patients Tahitian Noni Juice:

  • Noni juice has been very effective in treating arthritis, liver cancer, kidney cancer, and achieved “all kinds of other results”.

What Water Should You Be Drinking?

Based on the information above, there are two things to consider when determining what water you should be drinking: (1) The cleanliness of the water and (2) the bio-availability to your cells and tissues.

Clean, bio avaliable water is pristine, free from dirt and chemicals, naturally negatively ionized, slightly alkaline, and rich in oxygen and minerals. Water in this activated state, feeds important nutrients into our bodies while ridding us of waste and toxins. Activated water also revitalizes on a cellular level and uncovers new sources of emotional and spiritual energy.

Is Alkaline Water Better?

Most bottled water is not the same as real spring water. Most mineral water is labeled as such because it has been manipulated by adding synthetic chemicals. Alkaline labeled bottled water is mostly made from adding chemicals to the water that change the pH of the water to any number above 7.0 on the pH scale. If the alkalinity of water is above 7.0, it can be called alkaline water. If the alkalinity of water is below 7.0 on the pH scale, it is considered acidic.

Therefore the easiest way to ensure you are drinking real spring water is to go to the source and transport the water in glass containers. Always drink spring water when possible, and ensure that spring water has a pH of 7 or slightly higher. The easiest method to achieve this is to soak wild/living plants in the water or adding an organically grown lime or lemon.

If going to the source is not convenient for you, here are the waters that I recommend:

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