Why We Should Bring More Unity Into The Black Conscious Community

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Why We Should Bring More Unity Into The Black Conscious CommunityPin

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This Episode’s Focus

The Black Conscious community has a dysfunctional relationship with reality. We have created a culture that supports backbiting, disunity, and individualism while at the same time co-signing other non-Black groups and cultures. Even our Black nations act as puppets for other nations.

So after you listen to today’s episode, I want you to look within yourself and determine whether the same traits causing our community to fail are secretly sabotaging you as an individual. Because, as it is said, when you know better, you do better.






About The Jewels Podcasts

The Jewels are all the advice I wish I had known before I came into this community. So after 20 years of community organizing, entrepreneurship, and learning at the feet of Master Teachers, I produced this series of short podcasts specifically to help you:

  • master your emotions and learn to lead yourself
  • achieve faster results in your life by avoiding unseen traps, and
  • protect yourself from the weapons of white supremacy and self-destruction.

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    • I feel so behind, after my experience with slack, (void) I don’t know why or how brother. So I’ve decided to focus on school, educating myself here. And it’s extremely disheartening to see we can not come together regardless of differences. When I think of the conscious community, the real conscious community, I don’t see a nation but a few scattered across the planet. Before the corona drop I was just starting my own business after a long year of climbing. Then everything crashed but I knew things would snap back because why would I get so far to fail? After four months my savings was shrinking and back to the (9-5) I had to go. Which disgusts me. But like I told you I’m on a mission and that’s what I have to keep in my mind 24/7 or I’ll never get out of Cali. and back to Ms. Enough is enough for me. I’m not even gonna lie, I don’t have any social media, which is why I’m so excited about this space. But trying to start a movement of women, I did not know, never would I have thought, getting Black women together for the sake of our families would be so hard. Highly sensitive and coming here to listen to you is the only life support I have so please, do not stop. You can tell from my random comments as a introvert that I am not at peace and it makes me down right angry. Why do we have to almost trick our people to come and do what’s right for our people. Yet, they are so quick to jump over children to buy the latest jordan’s which is not a black owned company. The white man owns Jordan and every penny he gets. Okay, I’ll stop ?. But I had to let it out brother. No other place to do so. Oh, I’m interested in starting a blog. But I want it to be connected to the PAA. So let me know how I can do that ?? grateful for you kaka and yes I know the business failed because I’m not on track with my NIA. Learning here I can assure your work is not on vain. I’m on a mission to fulfill my souls purpose on being here and I’m hungry for the correct guidance, wisdom and tools. All of which I’ve been getting her since I stumbled across that YT video.