Our 2020 List of Tools and Resources

Here are all the paid and free resources that I have used to build the Pan-African Alliance. Some are sponsored links because I like the product or service so much that I partnered with them.

As I find more resources I will be adding them below.

Resources That Will Make You Smarter

Learn Swahili Online: Every Black woman, man, and child should speak an African language. Our organization has chosen Swahili as our official language for good reasons. It’s easy to learn and widely spoken. I used 17 Minute Languages to learn and I am very happy with the results.

Listen to Black Audiobooks: If you don’t have time to read, listen to Black audiobooks instead. Most of the titles we recommend are available on Audible, and I created a list of 7 free Black audiobooks you can start with.

Resources For Black Entrepreneurs

Get Business Cards and Flyers Printed and Delivered: Every package we mail out comes with a flyer inside. And we use the same company to print the flyers that our chapters use out in the community. Next Day Flyers is the absolute best, and they have a next day turnaround! Prices start around 2 cents.

Our 2020 List of Tools and Resources

Get Website Hosting: We offer hosting for our members, but if you are a do-it-yourself kind of person the next best hosting out there is Bluehost. If you are a not tech savvy, they walk you through everything. Plans start at about $2.95 /month

Hire a Graphic Designer: There are many inexpensive graphic designers that you can hire for as little as $5. We put together a full list here. If you need logos, flyers, or business cards designed, start with our list.

Resources To Start A Black Podcast

The Best Microphone For Black Podcasts: I have been using the same reliable, high quality, inexpensive microphone for about 6 years now. Its the Audio-Technica ATR2100x-USB microphone. It plugs right into your laptop with no complicated setup. I love this mic!

The Best Way To Record Podcasts With Multiple People: Most of my podcasts are interviews. So I use a service that records both sides of a conversation without any special equipment. It’s called Ringr and all you have to do is send your podcast guest a link, they click it, and the service records your conversation for you. Easy.

The Best Podcast Hosting Service: Podcast files can be too big to upload directly to your website, so you may need to host and serve your podcasts from a server that can handle those big audio files. I use archive.org. It is a free way to store and deliver your podcast to your audience. There is a little bit of a learning curve, but again – its free.

Resources To Start A Black Clothing Line

Hire someone to design your clothing line: Fiverr lets you hire Virtual Assistants from all over the world for just $5. Every business is different, but here is a short list of people you will definitely need:

I have used Fiverr to produce podcasts, create Youtube videos, and write ebooks. If you are new to hiring and outsourcing, Fiverr is an excellent place to get your feet wet.

Get a Domain Name For Your Clothing Line: You will need a website if you are creating a Black clothing line, and social media profiles won’t cut it. Get a 99 cent domain name from Godaddy and you are good. Click here.

Get Website Hosting: We offer hosting for our members, but if you are a do-it-yourself kind of person the next best hosting out there is Bluehost. If you are a not tech savvy, they walk you through everything. Plans start at about $2.95 /month

Capture Email Addresses: You need a way to stay in touch with your customers, and email is still the best way to do so. I suggest Mailchimp. The service is cheap ($10), easy to use, and comes with some nice signup forms you can add to your website.

Download our step by step guide to starting your own clothing line: I show you how to outsource, automate, and profit from your own clothing line for less than $100 using the resources above and workbooks that guide you through the process. This is an email mini course that will have you up and running fast.

African Ancestry DNA Tests

So it turns out that the best African ancestry DNA test is not African Ancestry. Nobody wants to pay three times as much to get half as much information that might not even be reliable.

And both Ancestry.com and 23andMe use your DNA for law enforcement, experimentation, and exploitation. Ancestry.com even keeps and owns your DNA long after you die – just like they did still do with Henrietta Lacks.

That leaves us with one clear winner: MyHeritage DNA

MyHeritage DNA Test Kit - Ancestry & Ethnicity Genetic Testing
3,766 Reviews
MyHeritage DNA Test Kit - Ancestry & Ethnicity Genetic Testing
  • Discover your ethnic origins and find new relatives with a simple cheek swab DNA test. It takes only 2 minutes and you’ll...
  • Get a detailed ethnicity breakdown from 42 regions around the world, revealing the paths your ancestors traveled over generations....
  • Huge global database enables matching to relatives all over the world based on your DNA. MyHeritage is the #1 service for European...

They have the lowest price, the most comprehensive DNA autosomal DNA testing, and the most ethnic groups in their database. They also have some of the highest reviews of all DNA testing kits out there.

If you are ready to find out who you really are, where you came from, and fill in your family tree, go with MyHeritage.