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The Truth Behind White Supremacy And Interracial Dating

Miscegenation is defined roughly as the mixing of the races, and is one of the 9 weapons of white supremacy that we teach to our members.

Members of the Black Conscious community understand what Dr. John Henrik Clarke meant when he said:

You can’t fight the slave master and sleep with him at the same time. If you love the slave master’s daughter, you have less love for your own. –Dr. John Henrik Clarke

His words are self-evident: I challenge anyone to explain how you can love your people in every way except for the most intimate!

However, this raises the question Why would a group of people hell-bent on the destruction of Black power tolerate interracial dating? After all, werent there anti-miscegenation laws until late in the 20th century?

The answer is that miscegenation – when institutionalized – is a powerful weapon that creates classism, colorism, and political division among the targeted group.

From colorism and political ‘bloc-busting’ to class division, here are all the ways that interracial dating is used as a weapon of white supremacy.


The Truth Behind White Supremacy And Interracial Dating

In every nation that has opened its borders up to white influence, the same pattern has emerged. Darker skinned members of society are marginalized, lighter skin is glorified, and whites become the ruling class.

As time goes on, colorism becomes a perpetuation of white supremacist thought.

The Black slaves after receiving this indoctrination shall carry on and will become self refueling and self generating for hundreds of years, maybe thousands… You must use the dark skin slaves vs. the light skin slaves, and the light skin slaves vs. the dark skin slaves. You must use the female vs. the male. And the male vs. the female…It is necessary that your slaves trust and depend on us. They must love, respect and trust only us. Gentlemen, these kits are your keys to control. Use them. Have your wives and children use them, never miss an opportunity. If used intensely for one year, the slaves themselves will remain perpetually distrustful of each other. – The Willie Lynch Letter

Colorism is defined as prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone. What is interesting about colorism is that it is typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group.

During much of the 20th century, many U.S. churches, fraternities, and nightclubs used the “brown paper bag” test for entrance. People at these organizations would take a brown paper bag and hold it against a person’s skin. If a person was lighter or the same color as the bag, he or she was admitted. If it was darker, he or she was denied entrance.

Even in African nations like Ghana, pregnant women are taking bleaching pills to lighten their unborn babies.

You read that right.

Men, women, and children who fall victim to colorism – or are exposed to suggestions that Black skin is a social sin – may seek out white partners to bear children with lighter skin.

Political Division

When a racial group is politically unified, they have the power to change the balance of power.

Whites have long been fearful of backlash – politically or otherwise – from their former slaves.

When a group of people that hold the majority come together for political action on the basis of race, they have proven effective. Haiti is an example of what can be achieved as a unified bloc.

To prevent this, mixed race buffer classes that don’t identify as Black are used to dilute the political power of the Black masses. Brazil used a policy called Blanqueamiento to import white men from Europe for the purpose of diluting the Black population and destroy their political majority. Cuba attempted to do the same. From Wikipedia:

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Cuban government created immigration laws that invested more than $1 million into recruiting Europeans into Cuba to whiten the state. High participation of Blacks in independence movements threatened white elitist power and when the 1899 census showed that more than ​1⁄3 of Cuba’s population was colored, white migration started to gain support. Political blanqueamiento began in 1902 after the U.S. occupation, where migration of “undesirables” (i.e. Blacks) became prohibited in Cuba. Immigration policies supported the migration of entire families. Between 1902 and 1907, nearly 128,000 [white] Spaniards entered Cuba, and officially in 1906, Cuba created its immigration law that funded white migrants.[

These white immigrants increased both the immediate political power of the rest of the white population along with the prospects of miscegenation.

How Interracial Dating Is Encouraged

It seems like everywhere we turn, there are commercials and images promoting Black/White interracial relationships.

On the surface, these advertisements suggest that the West has overcome its racist past and celebrates diversity and integration.

But covertly, these ads are a form of Sub-cognitive mind control. The message that is portrayed actively suggest that any relationship coupling is better than a Black on Black coupling. Here is how it works:

The message given to you as a subject is reinforced with images, music, lyrics, and with media that is loud, violent, bright, sexually or emotionally charged, and/or easy to remember.

When the media portrays an image of beauty and acceptance (stimulus), that image is accepted as the authoritative standard. The public responds to these images subconsciously.

The more emotionally appealing…

…the more visually stimulating…

The Truth Behind White Supremacy And Interracial Dating

…and the more sexually charged the stimulus…

The Truth Behind White Supremacy And Interracial Dating

…the more effectively the underlying message is delivered.

If a person comes to believe – thanks to a media controlled by a white supremacist system – that a partner other than one of their own race is carries positive implications, then they simultaneously come to believe that a partner of their own race is carries negative implications.

All races have some degree of miscegenation. Curiosity is natural. Relationships can arise out of mutual attraction, a genuine emotional connection, or even curiosity.

There is nothing wrong with interracial dating unless it is used to escape deeper psychological issues. The only way to repair a problem is to repair it – not to run from it.

Blacks are far more likely to date outside of their race than almost all other groups. According to statistics from the most recent U.S. Census:

  • 22% of all black male newlyweds married outside their race, compared with just 9% of black female newlyweds.
  • 80% of all Asians are married to Asians
  • 87% of all whites are married to whites or Asians
  • 4.6% of all married Blacks in the United States were wed to a white partner
  • 0.4% of all whites were married to a Black partner.

Why such a difference in these rates?

The answer is the false belief and thinking error that by leaving your Black partner – or by eliminating a Black partner as an option – you are leaving behind the deep psychological problems of self-hatred and a hatred for ones race.

In fact, ask anyone in an interracial relationship why they made their choice and they will immediately discredit Black men or women with comments like

“Black men aint shit”

“Black women are too hard to deal with”

“I cant find a Black man that’s on my level”

“I want a baby with pretty hair”

Sudanese-American author and Black feminist, Kola Boof took it a step further:

The Truth Behind White Supremacy And Interracial Dating
“I would rather be a white mans whore…than a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of a Black man’s shoe”

These comments reinforce deep, dark thinking errors. And the more you reinforce them, the stronger these deep, psychological thinking errors become.

These thinking errors will work in the background of the psyche and negatively effect every aspect of how one deals with other members of ones race.

If you think that systems of white supremacy using social engineering and miscegenation to destroy Black populations is far fetched, there is historical precedent.

In fact, one country was able to reduce its Black population from 50% to less than 4% using miscegenation: Argentina.

How Argentina Used Interracial Dating To Become A White Nation

The Truth Behind White Supremacy And Interracial Dating

Tens of millions of black Africans were forcibly removed from their homelands from the 16th century to the 19th century to toil on the plantations and farms of the New World – including Argentina.

In the early 1800s, Black slaves accounted for an estimated one-third of the population of Buenos Aires. Black Africans were numerous in parts of Argentina, accounting for up to half the population in some provinces, including Santiago del Estero, Catamarca, Salta and Córdoba.

Slavery was officially abolished in 1813, but the practice remained in place until about 1853. That year was the year that the black population of Argentina began to plunge.

Whites who had just made Blacks and natives citizens realized they had given power to the political majority –  a clear and present danger to white hegemony.

To solve that problem, racist policies were implemented that employed every weapon of white supremacy to eliminate the Black population:

When Argentina found itself in a deadly war against Paraguay from 1865-1870, thousands of Blacks were forcibly conscripted and sent to the front lines. It has been alleged that the president of Argentina from 1868 to 1874, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, sought to wipe out blacks from the country in a policy of covert genocide through extremely repressive policies (including possibly the forced recruitment of Africans into the army and by forcing blacks to remain in neighborhoods where disease would decimate them in the absence of adequate health care).

When a yellow fever outbreak burned through the nation in 1871, the white supremacist Argentines quarantined Black neighborhoods, denied residents treatment, and allowed the disease to spread unchecked.

And when the heavy casualties suffered by black Argentines in military combat created a huge gender gap among the African population – Black women were encouraged to fill the gap with white men.

In fact, Argentina took a page out of Brazil’s “whitening” playbook and subsidized immigration for thousands of white men from Europe to the country to take advantage of the gender gap.

By 1895, there were reportedly so few blacks left in Argentina that the government did not even bother registering African-descended people in the national census.

Today, the CIA World Factbook currently notes that Argentina is 97 percent white (primarily comprising people descended from Spanish and Italian immigrants), thereby making it the “whitest” nation in Latin America.

Argentina’s indigenous peoples now face struggles concerning fundamental issues of survival, maintenance of cultural and linguistic integrity, land rights and education (sound familiar). Furthermore, the small, impoverished, socially maligned population must fight for mere recognition. Recent estimates of the indigenous population in Argentina vary widely from 450,000 to 1.5 million, approximately one to four per cent of the total Argentine population of approximately 36 million.

The end result of Argentina’s miscegenation was the destruction of the Black people of Argentina.

Reviving Black Consciousness in a “Post-Racial” America

If we continue down the path of interracial dating, what then becomes of Black men and women?

The Truth Behind White Supremacy And Interracial Dating

Argentina shows us that it is possible that we are reduced into numbers so small that we have no political or social leverage.

We become tomorrow what the native Americans are today – an irrelevant fringe minority group. And in a miscegenated, “post racial” society, there is no Black History month. There is no need to address racism, there is no discussion of black health, Black political disenfranchisement, or the destruction of the Black family unit…quite simply because Blacks don’t exist!

It is a mistake for us to underestimate the lengths that our adversaries will go to maintain their hegemony. For as long as Blacks are seen as a threat to the system of white supremacy, we will be targeted.

The America of the future will see the destruction of the Black man, woman, and family unit within its walls. Dont doubt it, it is already happening. Marcus Garvey lamented:

When the Colonists of America desired possession of the land they saw that a weak aboriginal race was in their way. What did they do? They got hold of them, killed them, and buried them underground. This is a fair indication of what will happen to the weaker peoples of the world in another two or three hundred years when the stronger races will have developed themselves to the position of complete mastery of all things material. They will not then as they have not in the past, allow a weak and defenseless race to stand in their way, especially if in their doing so they will endanger their happiness, their comfort and their pleasures.

If we can all agree that unity is the only way that the Black race will redeem itself, then interracial dating acts as a Trojan Horse that sabotages the possibility of unity.

The truth about interracial dating is that no amount of effort to stop the practice itself will work.

Every behavior is the result of a belief. Thus, if we wish to change the behavior we must change the belief.

Skin bleaching, hair texturizing, plastic surgery, interracial dating, and cultural abdication are all the results of self hatred. And this self hatred is fueled by a system of white supremacy that suggests to be Black is to be disadvantaged.

Interracial dating is the fruit produced by the roots of self-hatred. And this self-hatred was taught to us by a system that is hell-bent on our destruction.

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maryann hayes

i am concerned and might be a selfish reason somany of our men dating white girls i am a result of a white grandmother and i regret it every day i look in the mirror


The Argentina situation is different. Brazil is probably the only country in South America with the majority having enslaved people of Africa, coming from mostly Angola. Slavery ended in 1890, the prince of Portugal was sending slaves to Brazil. If you calling black people in South America the Indigenous/Native people, I can understand. But I don’t think that they were much black people in South America besides Brazil, lesser probably Columbia . Example countries like Chile and Peru 2/3 of the population are mixed and 1/3 are Natives of the country. The colonizers of the countries of South America are… Read more »


Argentinian here, that’s true. Argentina never had economical reasons to import slaves (cotton fields – mining, etc)


I am Brazilian and I can tell you that the Yoruba language you refer to was never the second language after Portuguese here in Brazil. Yoruba is used in Afro-Brazilian (where it is called nagô) and Afro-Cuban (where it is also known as lucumí) religious rites.
In Brazil, in 2018, the Yoruba was made official as intangible heritage of the state of Rio de Janeiro. In other words, it is only used in religious acts of these religious groups, nothing more.