The Twelve Jewels of Islam

The Twelve Jewels of Islam

It should first be said that these Twelve Jewels are not just the foundation of Islam, they are the foundation of any legitimate civilization. With these jewels, we Black men and women in America must first civilize ourselves so that we may then civilize the rest of the world – leading Africa and all her lost children into a new global renaissance of Original Values.

The word ISLAM here does not denote the religion of Islam, but is an acronym for I, Self-Lord and Master, or I am self-sovereign. It is a belief pioneered by the Five Percenters that the Black man and woman who is conscious of themselves, their place (their cipher), and their power in the universe is sovereign.

Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding

Knowledge is the foundation of all things, and the attainment of knowledge should be the life-long mission of every Black man and woman on the planet. There are some who will say that “there is too much emphasis on information and not enough emphasis on action in the Conscious movement”.

Any idiot can run out onto a battlefield screaming and full of passion.But without sufficient knowledge of the enemy, their capabilities, and your strengths and weaknesses, you will be shot to pieces.

Any moron can open an investment account. Without sufficient knowledge of the forces behind the markets you may find yourself investing in a sinking ship.

Any fool can have a child. Without knowing the best practices for teaching and nurturing your child, you may doom that child to a life all too familiar to many Black youth.The more you read and learn, the less your adversary will know.

If You Know Your Enemies And Know Yourself, You Will Not Be Imperiled In A Hundred Battles;
If You Do Not Know Your Enemies But Do Know Yourself, You Will Win One And Lose One;
If You Do Not Know Your Enemies Nor Yourself, You Will Be Imperiled In Every Battle.
-The Art Of War

Understanding is clarity, born of knowledge and wisdom. For instance, you may tell your teenage child not to text and drive. Your child, in her foolishness, does so anyway and crashes. It is now clear to her why she should not text and drive. She both knows and understands the dangers.

Likewise, Black men and women know on a subtle level that something is “wrong” with their place in the world, and that we need to do “something”, but it is only after knowledge of this matrix is received and the perpetrators of our condition are exposed does it become clear specifically what must be done.

Wisdom is “a deep understanding and realization of people, things, events or situations, resulting in the ability to apply perceptions, judgements and actions in keeping with this understanding”. One can only become wise with the accumulation of knowledge, and the experience born out of the constant practical application of that knowledge.

From wisdom’s power, Authority is born.

Freedom, Justice, and Equality

Freedom is not unrestrained lawlessness – its not a license to kill, rape, or do harm. All Earthly beings are bound by certain universal laws – the law of change, the law that all life is sacred and should be preserved in balance, that our earth should not be defiled, and that no man should exercise unrighteous dominance over another to name a few. Specifically, as Black men and women, we struggle to be free of manipulation, domination, and attacks (see this and this).

Justice and equality, or ma’at, was first conceptualized by the Black men and women of Kemet 4,000 years ago. According to the laws of ma’at, balance embraced all aspects of existence, including the basic equilibrium of the universe, the relationship between constituent parts, the cycle of the seasons, heavenly movements, religious observations and fair dealings, honesty and truthfulness in social interactions.

Equality is based on the concept that all men and women are sovereign. Therefore, one should not unjustly manipulate, deny, or dominate another. Original people respected this rule, and it led to their downfall – they treated white invaders as equals and offered them these jewels. Had they more knowledge of their true intentions, they would have invested more time in civilizing them rather than allowing them to enter our dominions and unleash hell amongst us.

Now our world has been unbalanced by the oppression of the white values system, and only when the sovereignty of all peoples are respected can we bring balance back to the world.

Food, Clothing, and Shelter

You Must Feed The People If You Want To Lead The People – Asad

Food, shelter, and clothing are the requirements for human survival, for if any of these are inadequately met then nothing else matters. Indeed, if these requirements are not met, the human body simply cannot continue to function.

Literally, you must feed the people if you wish to legitimately lead the people. When the people are starving, heads roll. Just ask Marie Antoinette. Any government that seeks to benevolently rule its people should ensure that food, clothing, and shelter are provided for ALL of their people, not just those who can afford it.

Clothing refers to any covering for the human body that is worn. The amount and type of clothing worn depends on functional considerations (such as a need for warmth or protection from the elements) and social considerations. Physically, clothes can regulate temperature and provide a hygienic barrier, keeping toxins away from the body and limiting the transmission of germs. Clothing also provides protection from harmful UV radiation.

In many societies, norms about clothing reflect standards of modesty, religion, gender, and social status. The way we dress as a people speak more about our character than any words could. For instance, a woman who says “I’m not a slut” while wearing very provocative clothing can hardly be believed. A man who dresses like a child, with sagging jeans and airbrushed shirts, can hardly be taken seriously.

Shelter is protection from threats. These threats can be natural ( cold, heat, precipitation ), political ( genocide, oppressive regimes, warfare ), or social (unrest, ethnic violence, discrimination). No country that permits homelessness, genocide, warfare, or discrimination can be considered civilized.

Love, Peace, and Happiness

The Twelve Jewels of IslamThe ultimate manifestations of a mature civilization is not it’s gross domestic product but its gross domestic happiness. A people full of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding who are fed and sheltered by a benevolent government that protects the freedom, justice, and equality of the people will have evolved beyond hatred, war, and depression.

Love is the will to extend ones self for the purpose of nurturing ones spiritual growth, or the spiritual growth of another. We have written about what love means here.

Peace is the only feasible end result of our struggle.

Happiness is true enlightenment, freedom from the constraints of physical, emotional and mental illness.

Indeed, these final three jewels are the manifestations of heaven on Earth. Our struggle will then our be at an end, and our next stage of evolution and enlightenment will begin.

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