Mentored By A Millionaire With Paul C Brunson

Paul C. Brunson is a Father, a husband, and a successful entrepreneur whose work has positively impacted thousands.

He owns one of the top matchmaking firms in the WORLD, he is the host of Our World with Black Enterprise, and is an ABC News dating, love, and relationship contributor.

Despite what has to be a packed schedule, Paul gave more of his time than we asked for to bring you what is one of the best interviews we have had all season.

What You Will Discover In This Episode

  • How Paul C. Brunson went from flunking his Senior Year in high school to being mentored by two multimillionaires
  • Why Paul walked away from a well-paying job in Corporate Finance, and what that means for the choices that you should be making
  • What you can learn from Paul’s favorite business failure, and why that failure was important to his development
  • How Paul secured his first serious business deal and what he learned from it
  • The one difference between what successful, world class performers tell themselves that the complacent do not…

…and why YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST get into a Mastermind Group to take your game to the next level.

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Resources Mentioned In This Episode


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