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This Episode’s Focus

What African spirituality teaches us about attracting the right people and keeping the wrong ones away.






About The Jewels Podcasts

The Jewels are all the advice I wish I had known before I came into this community. So after 20 years of community organizing, entrepreneurship, and learning at the feet of Master Teachers, I produced this series of short podcasts specifically to help you:

  • master your emotions and learn to lead yourself
  • achieve faster results in your life by avoiding unseen traps, and
  • protect yourself from the weapons of white supremacy and self-destruction.

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  1. Brother Asad! This podcast is everything and describes everything i have been going through with a loved one. This podcast gave me the insight I needed to let go and remove this person from my personal space. Each one of us has a responsibility to ourselves to protect our vibrations, our spirits, and our sanity! This podcast assisted with providing me the strength to make a very difficult decision to set myself free so that I can continue to grow.
    I appreciate all the resources and information you are sharing your brothers and sisters!

    Sending positive energy your way!

    • I can promise you that you will not regret your decision. Now you have the space in your life to attract the people that should be there rather than the people who ended up there by default.

      As long as you stay true to your path I can promise you that you will look back on the past and you wont recognize the person you used to be!

      P.S. Asante for all the positive energy and feedback. It lets me know that someone is paying attention!