The African Origins of Christianity Are Finally Coming To Light

Black Jesus - Exploring the African Origins of Christianity with critical thinking.
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What do we know about Christianity? This topic is so broad that no short answer will do. I have been addressing this question for over 45 years. I have talked to religious people of a variety of faiths and here in America Christianity is the dominate religion.

Ironically, they do not follow the book that they hold sacred as the source of their spiritual strength, “The Bible.”

The biggest question that comes to mind is why the Omnipotent God who is “one” God has so many variations of his “one faith.” Every denomination claims that “they” are the only “true” faith. And since they all claim the same origin, one must assume that something went wrong soon after the resurrection.

When you try to define a Christian, the bottom line is that you must accept,” Jesus as your personal savior, and that he rose from the dead.” As such, Christian profess that they follow Jesus, they do not worship as he did. They keep different days holy than he did. They discarded his feast days and made up their own holidays, (which according to the beliefs of Jesus are pagan idolatry).

The African Origins of Christianity Are Finally Coming To Light

Even the name ‘Jesus’ is inaccurate. Christians say that the only name you can be saved by is Jesus, Christ. In his life, he was never referred to by either of those names. So, when truth comes in and confronts the lie, they say it doesn’t matter what name you use. Just like they said his color doesn’t matter. The truth always matters.

Then there is the matter of using Christianity to justify slavery by identifying Africans as descendants of Job’s cursed son – Ham.

The African Origins of Christianity are Disregarded

The truth is that the Abrahamic faith has its roots in African culture.

Imagine the cognitive dissonance of white people as they come to grasp with the truth that the blond haired blue eyed Jesus of the New Testament was in fact a dreadlock wearing radical Black man with a revolutionary spirit.

He did not agree with the church fathers of the day. He criticized them and his truth was so powerful that the people were leaving the traditional churches of the day and following this radical.

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One man – Yahshua – so vehemently opposed to the status quo that he spoke out and “challenged city hall” along with the church fathers. He told them that everyone could have a personal relationship with God and they did not need a Pastor to teach them.

His message was so powerful and it went farther. He spoke against the system that pitted one man against another and took advantage of the poor for the benefit of the rich.

All the people of authority and power were challenged by his radical thinking. He spoke of unity and harmony and how the poor would inherit the earth. How? By standing together. Standing up for each other and not selling their souls to the highest bidder.

And his message was resonating.

The people thronged to him to hear this idea of salvation. The rich and powerful were not fools. They saw the handwriting on the walls. They conspired against him. To this day, they are still conspiring against us. And we are still waking. Sitting on the side of the bed partially enthralled and still affected by our deep slumber.

Christians Dont Practice Christianity

So, after being deceived about the race of the savior by introducing fake pictures….Then they use a name….He was born speaking Hebrew.

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The bible states that his birth name was Immanuel/Emmanuel (God with us) However, the Angels stated he would be called Yahshua also (Joshua) and later after his baptism Messiah.

The messiah never spoke English. He never heard of the New Testament. The 130 or so versions of it had yet to be written and merged with the original documents which the Messiah used and referred to in his efforts to remove the scales from the eyes of those that were yet asleep.

  • He went by the Old Testament.
  • He kept the Sabbath, Saturday.
  • He kept the Holy Feast days.
  • He never heard of Easter.

If you think he was mad when he cast out the money changers from the temple, what do you think he would do today? Black ‘Christian’ Minister Creflo Dollar owns two Rolls-Royces, a private jet, and high-end real estate such as a million-dollar home in Atlanta, a $2.5 million home in Demarest, New Jersey, and a home in Manhattan that he bought for $2.5 million in 2006 and sold for $3.75 million in 2012.

All of the holidays that Christians keep are pagan holidays from the perspective of the Son of Man. Christians celebrate and carry around crucifixes thinking they are somehow honoring him, but the second commandment gave specific instructions against that.

Even the symbolism used in Christianity is psychologically problematic. Keeping a cross is celebrating death, not life.

The Truth About Christianity

The truth is that when the power and authority falls into the hands of a Black man, it no longer matters. The color of the messiah is important until he turns out to be Black, then his color does not matter.

His name is all important, until they learn that the name is wrong, then the name is not important. Any name will do because he understands you. And these quick fix answers are acceptable …Why?

Because the religion and the faith are a lie? Or because the religion and faith are actually those of the Black race and they were stolen and co-opted by another who has just been discovered?

Now to prove what I just said, would take a quite a while, so I will deal with that later in the series. I hope to get some challenges from the readers so I can deal specifically with issues instead of spending hours on a topic that very few people may comprehend.

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