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Why Education In The Black Community Is Obsolete – The Middle Passage Podcast Ep. 3

The Pan African Alliance Podcast Network

In this episode we discuss using the book Know Thyself by Dr. Naim Akbar to create a new approach to gaining true knowledge of self and education. We go deep into…

– Why there are better investments than college or western schooling

-Khepera as an alternative to western education

– Developing a shared vision for the future of our communities

– and how we can educate our children in ways that help them manifest that vision.


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About The Middle Passage Podcast

The Middle Passage Podcast is for liberated Black minds in search of elevated discussions on Pan Africanism, Black Consciousness, and elevating our communities. We examine the teachings of our Ancestors and apply the lessons they teach to the challenges we face today. Hosted by Atlanta based educator King Izuchukwu and Asad Malik, Founder of the Pan African Alliance.

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