Would You Consider Returning to Africa?

Would You Consider Returning to Africa?

This is a question that has been in the hearts and minds of our people for quite some time. Should we return to the home of our ancestors? Should we experience this life changing energy that has remained a distant thought for too many of us? But more importantly, if we are to return, how would we be accepted?

We all are far too familiar with the stories of both the Arab Slave Trade and it’s spawn, the so-called TransAtlantic genocide. Let’s face it, we as a people haven’t recovered from the traumas of yesteryears. But if we are to rebuild a strong people and build a stronger nation, then The Year of Return should be something of great consideration.

That’s what our guest has done. Andrae Walsh, the founding director of FAM (Fearless African Movement) TV, took it upon himself to jump on an opportunity to return back to the land of our ancestors with long time bredren, Kofi Yaboah from the Global African Communities Network.When Hear 2 Help began our conversation with Andrae, we could hear that this brother has gone through a transformation. This transformation was so profound, that Andrae and Kofi have put their resources together and have planned 3 separate trips throughout the year to return home. And this time they are bringing the Toronto Pan-African Community with them to experience it first hand.Sit back and enjoy the conversation we had with these two brothers, who have so much to share with our audience.

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