The Pan-African Alliance and United Black America needs writers! If you are able to offer original insights into the topics we cover, we are looking for you!

If you are a member of the African Diaspora (which includes any Black man or woman, regardless of your location in the world), use our platform to spread Black Consciousness, establish yourself as an authority, and help to dispel mis-education.

Before you submit, take some time to look through our articles and make sure that your content and subjects line up with what we have already published!

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Write Your Article

Your article MUST be more than 800 words. Offer proof of any claims that you make, including Wikipedia links, and references from reputable sources. Support your ideas and statements with facts.

We have found that the best articles are…

    • Written in language that a 13 year old can understand
    • Is written in a first person (I, You, He, She) conversational tone
    • Avoids using intensifiers like “very,” “many””extremely,”truly””fairly” “really,” and “quite”
    • Contain paragraphs that are no more than 3 sentences long

Step 2: Copy and paste your article below and send it

After you submit your article, we will spell check it, add images, and format it to fit our site.

Step 3: We will edit and publish your article

If everything looks good, we will send you an email letting you know when your article will be published. Once we publish your article, we will promote it across our social media accounts and ask that you do the same.

Step 4: Watch the Comments section

Be ready to respond to comments, especially if your subject is controversial. It is easy for readers to misinterpret your intentions. Clearing up confusion will establish you as an authority on your topic, and will earn the trust of our readers!

Need Some Ideas on What To Write About?

Here is a list of the most popular topics in no particular order:

★ Black Relationships
★ Black Sex
★ Black Parenting
★ Black Financial Management
★ Conscious Music, including Rap and Hip Hop
★ Black Business, Entrepreneurship, and Group Economics
★ African Religions
★ The African Origins of Christianity
★ Diet, Health, Exercise, and Natural Healing
★ Metaphysics
★ African History
★ Afro-Futurism
★ Black Organizations (UNIA, Nation of Islam, etc)
★ Black Manhood and Womanhood

We  reserve the right to decline or accept any contribution at our sole discretion and without notification. Please do not submit contributions promoting companies, NGOs, businesses or services.


We pay for well written content. After you have successfully submitted 3 articles, we will reach out to discuss future compensation.

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