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Start by writing a draft. We made it easy for you with a template that has everything you need to know to create a great first draft. Make sure you read the instructions carefully before you submit your draft to us.


Once you are happy with your article, come back to this page and send it to us using the contact form below. We will get back to you within 5 days to let you know if we can use your article. If we cant, we will let you know by email what you can do to get approved.


We have 3 positions available for our writers. Everyone starts out as a Guest Author. After 4 articles you will be promoted to Staff Writer and paid for each article you write. After you have written 30 articles as a Staff Writer, we will invite you to become a Senior Contributor with payment on a monthly basis.

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Here Are The Places Where Your Article Could Be Published

The Medu Neter is the Medium.com publication of United Black America where writers like you publish fresh perspectives, original ideas, and controversial viewpoints. Our Medium articles are ad and link free with a focus on culture, politics, and current events.

The UBA blog is designed to educate Black Americans on their health, history, finances, spirituality, and relationships from a Conscious perspective. If you write intelligent, well- researched, and fact based articles, this blog is where your writing belongs!

Our Pan-African Alliance Medium.com publication covers the African Diaspora from Africa to Argentina and all points in between!Β  Topics include current events, perspectives, politics, and culture for readers with a global perspective.

The Pan African Alliance blog covers politics, culture, history, and society fromΒ across the Pan-African Diaspora. Tell the Diaspora what is going on in your part of the Black world with articles on the Pan-African Alliance. PAA accepts non-English submissions.


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Can I promote my product, company, or service?

Yes. You can include a link to your website, company, product, or service in the body of the article and one link in your bio. Too many links robs the reader of their experience.

Can I republish the article on my own site after its published on yours?

Yes, but you must include the following at the beginning:

“This article was originally published here.”

Replace the link behind ‘here’ with a link to the URL of the article we published.


Do You Need Images For My Article?

Not unless there are images you 100% want to have in your article. Otherwise, we will add high quality images ourselves.

Can I send you an article I already wrote somewhere else?

No. Any article you write for us must be original. People come to read pieces they cant find anywhere else. That is why they support us financially and that is how we can afford to pay you!

We run all submissions through Copyscape to make sure the content is not published elsewhere online.

How Do I Get Paid?

We release payment on the 3rd day of each month using Paypal or Facebook Messenger (which connects to your bank account). Only contributors who have 4 articles published are eligible for payment.

What Topics Can I Write About?

We accept articles on any topic as long as it comes from the Black perspective. Here is a list of topics that do well on our platforms:

  • Black Relationships
  • Black Sex
  • Black Parenting
  • Black Financial Management
  • Conscious Music, including Rap and Hip Hop
  • Black Business, Entrepreneurship, and Group Economics
  • African Religions
  • The African Origins of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or other religions
  • Diet, Health, Exercise, and Natural Healing
  • Metaphysics
  • African History
  • Black Organizations (UNIA, Nation of Islam, etc)
  • Black Manhood and Womanhood
  • Current Events in the News


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